Woodbridge Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Wouldn't it be easier if you could schedule water damage? Truth is, there is no good time to deal with property damage and the insurance claims. You have to take these things as they come, and you have to act quickly to prevent new damage

Calling Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Woodbridge means that you can breathe easy again, knowing that we will restore your home or business office to its original condition, no matter what the damage. We're always available at our 24-hour hotline 703-496-3126. We have highly experienced technicians who will restore your property professionally and efficiently. They are familiar with repairing water and fire damage, and know the first steps necessary to stop damage in its tracks before it gets worse.

Emergency Water Removal

The first 48 hours after water damage are critical for preventing water damage. With Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Woodbridge, your property can be well on its way to dry by that time, as long as you call us right away. We work in teams to get the work done ASAP, starting with water extraction to get rid of all excess water. This will give your property the best start toward getting completely dry.

Flood Damage and Other Contaminated Water Sources

Water damage comes from many sources, from clean water to highly contaminated water. It is important to give us information about when the water damage occurred, because time alone can turn clean water to contaminated water from bacteria and microbial growth.

Water damage is categorized by the cleanliness of the water at the time of restoration. A clean water leak can be highly contaminated depending on what the water came into contact with in the meantime.

  • Category 1: clean water, as from a burst pipe or appliance water line.
  • Category 2: water that could make you sick if you drink it, like toilet water with urine.
  • Category 3: water that could cause death, like storm or flood water, or sewage.

Our professionals examine your property in detail, and they will let you know what is salvageable and what must be discarded. This is important for your health, and your insurance company will need this information as well to properly process your claim.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning of Woodbridge has taken care of water damaged properties throughout the DC area. In addition, we've also partnered with Flood Damage Pro, a company which is dedicated to water damage restoration and water remediation, to provide our clients with the best service possible in time of need. You can read all about them here: Flood Damage Pro - water damage restoration. Take advantage of our combined professional restoration experience. Call today!

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